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I’m Gianni, a co-term in Communications, on the media studies track. I’m from Long Beach, CA, and have spent the past four years here in the Bay Area, majoring in economics, but always with a keen interest in media studies.   Digital media is inescapable, and with that results its impact on how people — myself included — think, interact, and behave in a range of situations.  More often than not, I find myself guilty of preferring the convenience of a “thumbs-up” on a photo or post than taking the extra few seconds to write out a more meaningful response.  As such, I’m particularly interested in the reasoning behind my own engagement with social media, in questioning the ways that it affects my thinking and that of others, and in exploring how I can enhance my digital media engagement to be more mindful and substantial.   I’m thrilled to explore, through collaborative learning in the next ten weeks, the ways in which becoming literate in attention, participation, critical consumption, and network savviness can change my perspective on digital media, my behavior, and that of others who interact with me through social media.

Back to school

Hello! This post kicks off my blog for Comm 283. I’m excited for the first class tomorrow! Look forward to a great deal of content to come over the course of the quarter.



Hey all!  My name is Allison and I am a Senior at Stanford University majoring in Science, Technology, and Society.  I’m majorly excited to take Comm 183 this quarter and begin learning in a new way about social media.  Next year I hope to participate in the Comm Coterm program and study the intersection of social media, business, and social consciousness.  It is intriguing to me how brands present themselves via social media and what their social responsibility is in this new information age.  On campus I am heavily involved in the Black Community as a BCSC Programming Associate and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Omicron Chi Chapter.  This year I also am staffing in FroSoCo, hopefully checking out some sweet concerts, and trying to catch up with my Senior friends before we (sniffle) graduateeeee!


Welcome to my site, I’ll be adding to it soon. Stay tuned!